since Covid 19 and all the restrictions nearly banned physical exhibition events from 2020 until now, we were driven by the thought to create an exhibition spirit in some way. Basically it is a nicer and more playable way to introduce some handpicked machinery out of our portfolio in "exhibition style".

Pro Tech Virtual Booth

Our Products

We provide innovative and efficient machinery “Made in Germany” for the Jewelry Industry in Thailand and South East Asia. Combined with our professional After Sales Service, Technical Services, Know How Transfer, Turn-key Projects and Problem Solving, we are the ideal partner for jewelry manufacturers.

  Indutherm Series


 Vacuum Tilting Machines - VTC Series (Indutherm) 


  Continuous Casting Machines - CC Series (Indutherm)  


 Vacuum Pressure Casting Machines - VC Series (Indutherm) 

Indutherm MC Series

 Small Casting Machines - MC Series (Indutherm) 


 Melting Furnaces - MU Series (Indutherm) 


Granulating Machine - GU Series (Indutherm)


 Tilting Furnaces - TF Series (Indutherm) 

Powder Atomisation Plants - - AU 500 - 12000 (Indutherm)

 Powder Atomisation Plants - AU 500 - 12000 (Indutherm) 

Air Classifier - AC 1000 (Indutherm)

 Air Classifier - AC 1000 (Indutherm) 

  Coherent Series


 Laser Welding - Model 7002


 Laser Welding - Model 6002F (Rofin) 

  Otec Series


Grinding & Polishing - Eco Series


Disk Finishing Machines - CF Series (OTEC)

Epag Flex

EF Flex
Electrofinishing Equipment

EF Compact

EF Compact - Otec
Electrofinishing Equipment

EF Smart

EF Smart - Otec
Electrofinishing Equipment

  Orotig Series

Laser Welding - Evo X

 Laser Welding
Evo X

Laser Marking - Orotig Canova

 Canova WR23
Marking Laser

Laser Welder - EVO Series

 Laser Welder
Evo White

  DWS Industrial 3D printers

3D printer - XPRO SL (Large Volume)

3D Printer - XPRO S
(Industrial Applications)

3D printer - XPRO S (Industrial Applications)

 3D Printer - XPRO SL
(Large Volume) 

3D Printer - XPRO Q (Quad-Laser System)

 3D Printer - XPRO Q
(Quad-Laser System) 

  Teknik Dokum Series


 Automatic Embedding Machines - VacuMix Series (Teknik Dokum) 

Automatic Investment Breaker - AWC-100 Series

 Automatic Investment Breaker - AWC-100 Series (Teknik Dokum) 

  Jara Series

jara tree

Jewelry Casting

  KWS Series

KWS Investment Mixing Machine EB 8

 Investment Mixing Machine


About Us

Founded in 1991, ProTech Transfer Co., Ltd. provides a highly professional technical support, sales and after sales service to it’s customers in the jeweler industry. ProTech headquater is located in Bangkok, Thailand – other subsidaries are located in Chiang Mai/Thailand, Yangoon/Myanmar, Phnom Phen/Cambodia.

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PoweProtech Transfer Showroom - View 2
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"Passion leads to good work, good work leads to customer satisfaction, satisfied customers lead to SUCCESS !"

Our Service

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


As a distributor for german manufactured machinery for the jewelry manufacturing business in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and some other…  READ MORE 


Protech Transfer provides a team of highly trained technicians and engineers in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Seminars and regular training lessons will…  READ MORE 


Over 50 employees provide a big range of experience in every thinkable aspect of the daily business. Any customer problems regarding the business will be…  READ MORE 


Protech Transfer provides a team of highly trained technicians and engineers in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. Seminars and regular training lessons will…  READ MORE 

One Committed Crew – One Mission

With a highly motivated & skilled staff of over 60 employees in Thailand and Myanmar, we are confident to face and solve nearly every issue or task our customers ask for !

Working for ProTech Transfer includes:

Showing Committment

Taking Responsibilites

Working as a Team

Accepting Challenges

Protech Thailand - Meet the Staff

Being Creative

Sharing knowledge

Always Learning

Listen First

News & Events

February 21-25, 2024 - Thai Gems & Jewelry Fair

Thailand Jems and jewelry fair
Click the image to visit the Thai Gems & Jewelry Fair website.

The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA) was created by Kitti Kitrangsrivibul, Anan Chawala, Liang Saetang, Pornsak Sriorathai kun, Ho, Vichit Durangotpitaya, and Boonyong Assarasakorn on December 28, 1976. Anan Chawala, Kitti Kitrangsribivul, Sanguan Riangsrivilai, Abe Sri-uthai, Pol Chalermkiet, Soam Kankaew, Banjong Rasamipaisan, and Liang Saetang signed the association's initial license registration. "The Trade Association of Thai Gem Exporters" was registered then. H.E. Sunthorn Hongladarom presided over the 1978 opening ceremony. The Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association was renamed on February 26, 1996.


May 01 to 04, 2024 - Jewellery Gems Asean Bangkok 2024

Jewellery Gems Asean Bangkok 2024
Click the image to visit the Jewellery Gems Asean Bangkok 2024 Website

We cordially invite you to Jewelery & Gem ASEAN Bangkok 2024 if you work in the jewelry and gemstone industry. This is the only event where you can find over 10,000 gems and jewelry collections from 15 different countries, encompassing a wide range of goods and instruments like gems, diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver, and white gold. Pearls, diamonds, and gemstones


Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024

69th: 21 to 25, February 2024 - 70th: 9 to 13 September 2024

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024
Click the image to visit the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024 website.

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) is one of the world’s most renowned and longest-celebrated gems and jewelry trade fair in the industry. Organized on a biannual basis by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in February and September, the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair is regarded as a significant trading arena where all key players in the global gems and jewelry business can achieve their purposes of sourcing, trading and networking.


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