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Canova WR23

The WR 23, which is the first of the new generation of Orotig markers, is a compact laser with a straightforward design that stands out due to the exceptional quality of marking it produces and the attention to detail it demonstrates. This quick, secure, and accurate laser is ready to become the most important method for your company to provide customers with an immersive experience for personalizing their jewelry in real time. Additionally, it can be easily included into the workflow of your organization.

Orotig Canova laser welding machine


> New layout: The reduced size and innovative helmet-style opening of the hatch make the WR23 a compact laser ideal for even the smallest spaces.
> Safe: This is a Class 1 laser device. It has a special CE-certified inspection window, which allows safe marking without the need for goggles, and sensors that inhibit operation when the hatch is open, guaranteeing total safety for operators and customers
> Easy to use: Expert operators? No need! Thanks to the Wizard interface, even the least experienced operator can perform marking in just a few clicks.
> Low energy consumption: With a maximum power consumption of only 300 W, the Orotig WR23 marker is one of the most eco-friendly on the market

Recommended for

> Small and medium production

Main features

> Live preview for more precise positioning on the workplace
> Versatility with a focal lens for every need
> Autocentered design for more precise positioning on rings and bracelets
> Automatic focusing to reduce the margin of error
> Easy dust recovery for cleaning the extraction system in moments
> Wizard interface for professional marking in just a few clicks


> Internal/external ring spindle
> 3 in 1 clamp
> Tilting angle bracket
> Honeycomb bracket tray


MODEL: Marker WR 23
Power supply:      115-230 V ±10% 50-60 Hz
Type of laser:      Diode pumped fibre (Yb) LASER
Power ranges available:      30 W, 50 W
Recommended processes:      Marking, photo engraving, cleaning, excavation, cutting
Type of material that can be marked:      All metals, ceramics, some plastics
Focal lenses available:      100 mm, 160 mm, 210 mm
Marking area:      60x60 mm (with 100 mm focal lens) | 110x110 mm (with 160 mm focal lens) | 145x145 mm (with 210 mm focal lens)
Type of Z axis:      With stepper motor that can be controlled by the software and at the pushbutton control panel (SCAPS only)
Stroke of Z axis:      263 mm
Max dimensions of workpiece (LxWxH):      326 x 260 x 260 mm (with 100 mm focal lens) | 326 x 260 x 181 mm (with 160 mm focal lens) | 326 x 260 x 118 mm (with 210 mm focal lens)
Max weight of workpiece:      20 Kg
Speed:      Up to 8000 mm/sec
Frequency:      37-600 Khz (30W) / 40-600 kHz (50W)
Pulse energy:      0.8 mJ 37 kHz (30W) / 1.25 mJ 40 kHz (50W)
Pulse duration:      200 nS (30 W - 50 W)
M2:      <1,5 (30W) / <1,8 (50W)
Safety class:      Class 1 (hatch closed), Class 3R (hatch open)
Software:      SCAPS (optional EZ CAD)
Cooling system:      Forced air
Wave length:      1064 nm
Max consumption:      300W
Weight:      45 Kg
Spot diameter:      35 μm
Accessories included:     
  • Rotary with inner spindle for rings and bracelets, outer spindle for rings and bracelets, outer spindle for irregular bracelets, spindle for tubular bracelets of a diameter up to 27 mm
  • 3 in 1 clamp
  • Honeycomb bracket for cutting
  • Tilting angle bracket
  • Pedal for starting marking
Orotig Canova laser marking machine WR23
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