Rofin Baasel Laser Tec


Rofin 6002F – The Work Horse

The classic Work Horse, the best seller for the Jewelry industry. Custom tailored to meet the needs of the bench jeweler as well as the 24/7 industrial manufacturer. Heavy duty components designed to last provide a reliable and trustworthy tool to manage all kinds of jewelry applications ranging from silver and gold to platinum, titanium and steel.

Meets latest German industrial standards.
Designed for 24/7 operation and full duty-cycle at 35 °C
Power Supply Unit with extensive power buffer due to generously dimensioned capacitor bank and PFC technology
More power even with standard single-phase 16 A power supply
Pulse repetition rates up to 50 Hz (and even more with SPEEDmode)
Available for line voltage 230 V and 110 V
Exhaust system with 99.997% HEPA filter and integrated spark filter.
Cooling Unit (Water-Air) with µC controlled water temperature and flow rate
Reliable operation at up to 40°C ambient temperature

rofin6002f footprint
rofin6002f touchscreen
rofin6002f true view

Sweet Spot

> Patented resonator design
> No first pulse effect
> Consant weld quality from the very first pulse
> Assures a reliable welding process
> Constant depth of focus


> Weld spot with less than 0.05 mm diameter
> For extremely fine welds and delicate workpieces
> Extended application range

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