OROTIG- Laser Welding

Evo X2

EVO X represents the new frontier of desktop laser welding machines; the most powerful and effective in its category combined with the most efficient cooling system and a revolutionary operating system capable of satisfying all the needs of modern industry.

Orotig Evo X laser welding machine


> The most performing and technological desktop laser ever
> The first welding laser equipped with an Operating System for a modern industry
> New cooling system to meet the most extreme applications
> A single configuration to offer the best, without compromise

Recommended for

> Medium production

Main features

> IUVAPS system, air purification system
> New generation touch screen interface
> Ability to record and save photos / videos on USB stick or local memory
> Live playback on external screen via HDMI
> Possibility of viewing video tutorials
> Dynamic choice of the work program based on the machining and the metal being worked
> Possibility of saving personal parameters
> Ability to play photos / videos / music on screen
> Telemetry for remote assistance and updates
> Liquid and air cooling
> Led lighting system
> Adjustment of laser functions via rotary switch and touchscreen display
> Connection for gas / argon


> "Lynx" microscope
> Welding Chamber Closure with Handrails


Power supply:      Single phase , 115-230 ±10%VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum consumption:      1,8 kW
Crystal type:      Nd:YAG 7 mm bar
Impulse energy @1ms:      9 J
Power impulse and time:      225 J at 25 ms
Peak power:      9kW
Mean power:      90W
Frequency (shots per second):      20 Hz
Spot dimension:      from 0,1 to 2,0 mm
Access control:      External with display TFT 3,5” color touch-screen with inside chamber joystick
Stereo microscope:      LEICA 10 X 45° with haircross
External control:      display TFT 7" capacitive touch screen
Internal control:      Encoder in the welding chamber
Cooling system:      Forced air with fan speed control, 4 lt liquid and radiator
Dimensions WxDxH:      510 x 793 x 553mm
Weight:      41 kg
Orotig Evo X2 laser welding machine 122
Orotig Evo X laser welding machine measurements 1
Orotig Evo X laser welding machine measurements 2


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