EF Smart

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EF Smart

The new OTEC EF Smart is perfect for smoothing and polishing intricate jewellery. It polishes hard-to-reach inner contours without compromising intricate geometries. Finishing stone-set jewellery is easy in the EF Smart. It combines top quality with high cost-effectiveness, minimising the need for manual polishing while also producing outstanding results.

EF Smart machine


> Easy metal recovery via deposition on cathodes

> Easy to program multi-step processes using the direction of rotation, voltage, processing time and speed parameters

> Process container cover with 4 holders, each for 4 workpieces (16 processable workpieces in total)


Width X Depth X Height
570 x 350 x 610 mm


35 kg


Energy Consumption
230 V / 50–60 Hz
Before polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 1 Before
Before polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 2 Before
Before polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 3 Before
After polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 1 After
After polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 2 After
After polishing wih Otec EF Smart - 3 After

A small footprint, cutting-edge technology and low capital investment are the key factors behind the EF Smart design concept. High-grade components make the EF Smart maintenance friendly. This new generation of machine is perfect for medium and small production runs.
EF Smart machine

  • Fast, easy container changes and therefore faster electrolyte replacement for mechanical finishing of gold and silver.
  • Finishing for stone-set jewellery and intricate geometries.
  • No stone damage and excellent polish on settings without rounding.
  • Surface processing for hard-to-reach areas and inner contours.
  • Finishing with glass beads also an option.
  • Suitable for jewellery.
  • Reproducible processes that are easy to program.
  • Ergonomically designed operating controls.
  • Makes pre-polishing a thing of the past.


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