MC15+ Set ( incl. AK20 Furnace, Indumix 2 Investment Mixer)

ProTech Transfer Co. 1520

A complete casting system covering just a few square feet:

> Vacuum investment machine for bubble-free mixing of the investment compound and filling of the flask. The integrated            vibrating mechanism eliminates any possible left air bubbles.
> The 1000 °C furnace AK20 for melting out the wax and burning out the form, temperature pre-selection, high quality                  insulation, furnace interior size: 300x300x200(h) mm
> MC15+ Mini Vacuum Casting Machine

ProTech Transfer Co. 1521

Modular electroplating bath for jewelry
Flexibility is key.
The construction of our plants convince by its practical design and flexibility. All process and flushing tanks consist of separate components. This enables us to install easily additional components to your plant as long as space is not limited. 
This modular system is ideal for custom specific modifications or upgrades. 
The configuration of our process tanks:
> Direct integrated ventilation 
> Heating – Temperature sensor- Level monitoring – Conductivity measurement
> Filter and/or circulation pumps
> Bath agitation
> Pump pit
> Tank cover
> Operation by useful applied HMI on local panel
Flushing tank:
Our plants are equipped with an special water conserving flushing technique in line with the requirments of the german Water Resources Act. We strongly support to avoid excessive waste water, to safe cost and to protect environmental resources. 
Please visit the chapter “Sewage technology” in the left navigaton bar for more information concerning waste water treatment.


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