028J & 029J Series

DWS- Digital Wax Systems

DWS – 3D Printing Solutions for Professional Creations

Due to their reduced moving parts and unique user-friendliness, DigitalWax® machines are characterised by high reliability and extra-low maintenance. A great flexibility is made possible by the quick material change, the absence of pre-heating and calibration. DigitalWax® J systems were specially designed for jewelry applications to ensure the best quality and reliability and to allow the user to reach the highest results.


Desktop Size or Stand-Alone

It really does not matter … with its unbeatable price-performance ratio and the lowest running cost in the market, DigitalWax® J Series are the perfect choice for fast production of high quality models. Main features are:

> BluEdge® laser source
> High speed and accuracy
> High surface quality
>Direct casting
>Master models for rubber moulds
>Extra-long life UV laser
>No lamp replacement
>No calibration
>The lowest running cost


DC casting resins are specifically designed for direct lost wax casting of jewelry models. Designed to allow the production of high-definition, detailed parts and smooth surfaces that do not require manual finishing. These products are ideal for special applications such as stone-in-place casting of resin models and filigrees.

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DM/DL moulding resins have been designed for the creation of master models to be used in the production of rubber moulds, including VLT, liquid silicone and vulcanised rubber. These resins are suitable for thin models as well as thick ones, replacing traditional silver master models.


Thanks to the nanotechnologies and the DWS patented additive manufacturing process, it is now possible to manufacture jewelry products using the innovative Irix® Digital Stone® material. A just-in-time production of the orders is made possible by Irix® Digital Stone®, allowing the expansion of the product range without investments in further production equipments.
Customers will be able to order any customized colour according to the leading fashion trends. The creation of the stone-like material is performed using nanotechnologies applied to the additive process.

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