Revo X

OROTIG- Laser Welding

Revo X

The new Revo X series of LASER-welders combine the original compactness of Orotig machines with the power and high performance needed by industrial processes by improving features of the already excellent performance of earlier Revo S series. Thanks to Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, Revo X fully eases tool-machine integration into ERP industrial systems and to remote diagnostics.

Orotig Revo X Series Welding


> New generation IPS display with capacitive TFT interface

> Possibility to save pictures / videos in USB key or in local memory

> HDMI connection for external monitor live viewing

> Dynamic selection of working settings based on actual job and type of metal getting intervened

> Possibility of saving personally-set working parameters

> On board video / music / pictures player

> Telemetry for remote assistance and updates

Orotig revo x  specifications


CRYSTAL TYPE:      Nd:YAG 7 mm / 1064 nm
POWER IMPULSE AND TIME:      240 J at 25 mS
PEAK POWER:      10.0 kW
MEAN POWER:      90 W
FREQUENCY:      40 Hz
WEIGHT:      65 Kg
POWER SUPPLY:      230 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz
LASER SPOT DIMENSION:      From 0.1 at 2 mm (0.2-2 mm Revo X²)
CONTROLS:      External with 7“ color touch-screen display. Internal with joystick
STEREO - MICROSCOPE:      45° with 10X and crosshair or LYNX
COOLING TYPE:      Liquid cooled (10 lt) with forced ventilation

Orotig revo x schema specifications

Orotig Revo X schema


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